Parsons Police Department Personnel

Name                                     Title                                           Email                    

Robert Spinks                                    Chief of Police                  

Dennis Dodd                                      Deputy Chief                            

Jason Ludwig                                     Administrative Services Unit Sergeant

Sherri McGuire                                   Lieutenant Detective               

Kyle Wiford                                         Sergeant Detective                    

Charlotte Lamb                                   Administrative Assistant              

Jason Bennett                                    Records/Evidence                    

Chris Gabbert                                     School Resource Officer         

Tim Jones                                           Sergeant                                     

Waylon Kepley                                    Corporal                                  

Cheryl Siu                                           Corporal                            

Bobby Queen                                      Corporal                                   

Brice Dickens                                      Corporal                                 

Jeff Essig                                            Public Safety Officer                   

Steven Shields                                   Public Safety Officer                

Stewart Shirk                                      Public Safety Officer                    

Isaiah Hicks                                        Public Safety Officer                    

Joel Franklin                                       Public Safety Officer                 

Brett Ross                                          Public Safety Officer                     

Pam Burris                                         Public Safety Officer                   

Keenen Roberts                                 Public Safety Officer                 

Jeremy Ewan                                     Public Safety Officer                    

Jordan Tomlinson                              Public Safety Officer                       

Rob Riley                                           Dispatch Supervisor                       

Marshall Sills                                     Dispatcher                                     

Andrea Geiger                                   Dispatcher                                  

Linda McClelland                               Dispatcher                            

Scott Swezey                                     Animal Control                         

David Keaton                                     Police Chaplain                             

Doug Baty                                          Police Chaplain                             

Steve Schulze                                    Police Chaplain       

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