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Crime Prevention starts with you and ends with the police. The Parsons Police Department urges the citizens of Parsons to "See It, Hear It, Report It" at all times. Using every resource available to stop crime before it happens or while in progress requires more than just the police staff it needs all of the eyes in the community for it to be successful.

Don't be an easy target for a thief. Make it difficult: DO THE 9PM ROUTINE.

At 9PM each evening, conduct a quick security check to verify that:

1.  Vehicles, garages and sheds are locked.

2.  Valuables are secured and brought inside.

3.  Activate exterior lights, security cameras and alarms.

Almost all prevention methods focus on not making yourself vulnerable to criminals looking for a crime of opportunity. Use these tips for having a safer residence:

 Lock your doors
 Install security / motion lighting
 Keep valuables out of vehicles
 Throw boxes away from new purchases day of trash pickup such as televisions and computers
 Keep records of serial numbers for valuable equipment
 Install security cameras and alarms
 Know your neighbors and watch each other's property
 Report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood