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Congratulations Graduates!

It is that time of year, graduations from our K-12 schools are in full swing. Great work to both the students and families as our future leaders make important steps forward!

Today, Friday the 13th is also graduation day for a multitude of individuals at Labette Community College (LCC). It is a wide range of graduates in programs ranging from nursing, engineering, the sciences, transfer degrees to universities, workforce development and certificate programs. In fact, LCC offers 27 degree programs and 8 certificate programs (give them a look at: )

The best crime prevention program any community can have are the resources of a community college right in our city. In Parsons we have the benefit of LCC right in town. This makes it easy as possible to have an open door for education for people to develop skill sets and technical skills - it is not just about getting a college degree. It is really important for people to be able to lift themselves up by their bootstraps to compete for living wage jobs, to prepare for a career or to focus on transferring to a university. LCC allows individuals from all socio-economic levels to invest in their future success.

While today, I and the rest of the Parsons Police Department wish these graduates success as they push forward to obtain their dreams, we encourage the community to embrace the huge benefit that LCC provides to our community.

It is open enrollment time at LCC, so I encourage folks to learn more about our outstanding community college, the resources available, the technical skills training, certificate and degree programs that are available right here in Parsons. Education is the door that opens financial security and personal growth while closing the door on poverty, crime, and domestic violence. That is a great combination.

As a side note - the Criminal Justice Program invites you to enroll in a criminal justice class. Our team is comprised of Chris Farris (KBI), Chief Jerry Harrison (Independence Police) and me. We are looking forward to seeing you in class!


Robert Spinks - Chief of Police