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Open Enrollment at Labette Community College

Labette Community College (LCC) and economic development are the community's two most important crime prevention programs. LCC offers the ability for students of all ages to improve their economic standing through training, certificate and degree programs. That contributes to our community's economic vitality and ultimately reduces crime.
If you are interested in the criminal justice field enroll in CRIM-111 Patrol Procedures (tues 6pm to 9pm), with Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks, MA, MS who will share insight gained from his 4 decades of policing expertise.
Independence Chief Jerry Harrison and KBI Senior Special Agent Chris Farris round out the criminal justice faculty that will be teaching this Spring.
CRIM-112 Ethics (On-Line) Independence Chief Jerry Harrison
CRIM-137 Criminal Law (On-Line) KBI Sr Spl Agent Chris Farris
CRIM-138 Juvenile Justice System (On-Line) Chris Farris
CRIM-204 Police Supervision & Mgt (MW 12:30 to 1:50pm) Vice-President of Academic Affairs (former Chief of Police @ Parsons PD
Check out your future at:
Jobs in the criminal justice field from police officer, deputy sheriff, KHP Trooper, KBI, as well as 911 Dispatcher/Telecommunicator are are growth field with many opportunities locally and across Kansas.