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Results for Public Safety Sales Tax

The current numbers are obviously not what 1st Responders would want to see for the Public Safety Sales Tax. The unofficial final vote had 2,214 votes cast with 881 yes votes (39.79%) and 1,333 no votes (60.21%),
Of course the police and fire departments will need to caucus with City Hall to evaluate needs against resources.
This measure would not have taken effect until January of 2024 so we have some time to evaluate key needs. Stopping the bleed of loosing police and firefighters to better paid agencies is a key hole that must be plugged. Without a career workforce we are grinding up good employees who are working excessive overtime with little time off. That is not sustainable and it's not efficient.
Fire truck replacement, upgrading the emergency radio system, police vehicles and safety equipment are key expenses. Those needs don't stop.
The sales tax would have reduced the burden off of just Parsonians and would have included other citizens and visitors that use city services.
Obviously, the City Commissioners and City Manager will have serious budget issues to look at closely with a need for a strategic vision moving forward. That includes addressing what will be a blow to 1st Responders morale.
We would of course like to hear feedback from the community. Should service be reduced, staffing liminated, what's truly important to citizens from the fire and police departments. Drop us a note at: