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Hit and Run Follow-up


On December 19, 2020 between the hours of 2:20 a.m. and 4:40 a.m., Andrew Scott was walking southbound in the area of 1400 S. 35th St. Andrew was struck by a motor vehicle. The driver did not stop to render aid or call for emergency services. Andrew was left on the roadside injured and helpless. A citizen heard Andrew's pleas for help at approximately 4:40 a.m. and called police. Officers arrived on scene and found Andrew just off the road, where it appeared Andrew had tried to crawl for help.

A family member of Andrew has reported that Andrew is currently forced to wear full-time leg braces. Andrew has undergone one knee surgery this month to reconstruct and repair damage from the incident with hopes that the other knee can also be reconstructed later in 2021. Andrew has a long and arduous road to recovery in front of him with many other surgeries.         

                There have been many rumors about the incident and law enforcement has conducted multiple interviews and followed up on tips and leads that have come in. First, the driver of the vehicle needs to do the right thing and come forward and give their side of the story to clear up any rumors about this incident and the circumstances surrounding this accident. Second, we are looking for assistance from anyone who may have been a passenger in the vehicle at the time, or someone who has heard the driver or passenger(s) talk about the incident. The Scott Family and the Parsons Police Department encourage anyone with information to come forward and help Andrew find justice and closure to this horrific and unfortunate incident.

This continues to be an on-going investigation and citizens are encouraged to "See It, Hear It, Report It." If anyone has any further information on this incident or any other criminal activity, please contact the Parsons Police Department at 421-7060 or call the Tip Line at 421-7057 or email at

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