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Man on PCP Arrested for Multiple Offenses


On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, Parsons Police Officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Clark Ave., near Clark Park, for a report of a man acting erratically and making citizens apprehensive. An officer arrived and located the man, known to officers as John Henry Fields Jr, age 50 of Parsons. It was later reported that Fields had gotten into a struggle with a driver of a vehicle and had attempted to force the driver's door open. The citizen was able to keep the door from opening for fear that Fields was trying to force his way into the vehicle. The driver then sped away from the area and was not there when the initial officer arrived at Clark Park. This citizen came to the station to file a report later this same day.

Shortly after the call to Clark Park, Parsons Police Officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Crawford for a report of a man walking into a residence and being chased out by the homeowner after acting strange.

When officers arrived in the area, they were told that the man was in an unoccupied home. Officers located the man, who was Fields, in the home and tried to talk to him but to no avail. Fields barricaded himself in the house until officers attempted to force entry. Fields then fled the structure on foot before being cornered into a garden shed where he continued to resist being arrested. Fields picked up a brick when officers tried to arrest him. Fields then attempted to take one officer's Taser and kicked another officer while they were trying to make the arrest. Parsons officers were able to get Fields handcuffed and sought medical treatment for Fields from EMS after the altercation.

Parsons Officers were not seriously injured and returned to full duty.

While processing Fields at the Parsons Police Department, he told officers that he had been using PCP and Marijuana. Fields, a convicted felon, is facing two counts of Criminal Trespass, Interference with Law Enforcement, Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement, Attempted Robbery, and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

A/Commander Kyle Wiford said, "The witnesses and victims in this case did a great job reporting and relaying information to officers as they arrived on scene. I am glad that this incident did not turn into something much worse. This is a perfect example of a neighborhood coming together to 'See it, Hear it, Report it' and supporting each other."

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said "it's not as common to see people using PCP as it used to be, but it still happens. This situation could have been much more serious for Mr. Fields for walking into a stranger's home. There have been people shot and killed by homeowners for just that thing, luckily this was not the case. We again have a felon, with an extensive criminal history, reoffending in Parsons. Much of the crime rate in Parsons is from repeat offenders who have been given probation or let out on parole without a real safety net for preventing drug use or falling back into the same life that landed them in trouble."

This continues to be an on-going investigation and citizens are encouraged to "See It, Hear It, Report It." If anyone has any further information on this incident or any other criminal activity, please contact the Parsons Police Department at 421-7060 or call the Tip Line at 421-7057 or email at

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