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Another wanted felon arrested by Parsons PD with assistance from 'See it. Hear it. Report it.'


On February 16th, 2022, the department received a tip from a citizen, that Danny Smith Jr., of Sherman City (Oswego), KS, was frequenting a certain location in Parsons.
Smith was wanted in connection with a Felony Arrest Warrant for Bond Revocation in an Aggravated Domestic Battery and Aggravated Battery case, both felonies, here in Labette County and was recently posted on Labette County Sheriff's Office Most Wanted.
Working with information from the tip, A/Cmdr. Kyle Wiford was able to target a search for Smith, located and took Smith into custody on February 21, 2022 in the 1200 block of Kimball Ave.
Aggravated Domestic Violence cases deal with one party strangling, choking or suffocating, and impeding breath or blood flow, around the neck, throat, chest, mouth or nose of the other person with whom the suspect is engaged in a domestic relationship. Aggravated Battery involves an act that can or did result in great bodily harm or disfigurement. Both very violent, person felonies.
Again, this is a great example of See it, Hear it, Report it getting another wanted felon off the streets of Parsons and back into custody. Thank you to the tipster that sent in the information.