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Wanted for Attempted 2nd Degree Murder


Wanted for Attempted 2nd Degree Murder


On Saturday March 5, 2022, at approximately 1:49 a.m., Parsons Police Officers were called to 2106 Crawford, Somewhere Else Bar for a reported shooting in the parking lot.

Officers rendered first aid to the victim, who was identified as Tyrone Mayweathers, 42 years old of Kansas City, who had multiple gunshot wounds. The Victim remains under medical care at an undisclosed location.

The ensuing investigation revealed that there had been a large fight in front of the bar in the parking lot. Evidence, statements, and video were collected as part of the on-going investigation in the following hours and days.

The police investigation resulted in the Parsons Police Department obtaining a felony arrest warrant for one count of Attempted 2nd Degree Murder and one count for Criminal Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon for David Lamont Young III, age 22. The felony arrest warrant extends to the entire nation for inter-state extradition.

Parsons Police have also notified the US Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force to request assistance in tracking down and arresting Young. According to Deputy Chief Dennis Dodd, "we have a great working relationship with the US Marshals Service which we have worked with on several occasions in the past couple of years in tracking down and arresting felons."

Parsons Police believe Young fled the area after the shooting, though police had set up a stakeout last week when they received a lead that Young might have planned to return to Parsons. That lead failed to pan out. 'It was now time to share the arrest warrant and Young's wanted status with the public," said Dodd.

Parsons Police Department Lieutenant Kyle Wiford said, "this is not the first time that Young has been connected to a shooting, we consider him to be armed and dangerous based on a combination of past criminal convictions, associating with known felons, and based on information derived from our current and other on-going investigations. Citizens are advised to use caution around all these individuals and to notify police if they observe them."

 Police Chief Robert Spinks said, "we received the support of witnesses who provided information, confirmed identities, gave statements, and supplied video evidence. When the community steps up to partner with law enforcement we can see success in getting arrest warrants, tracking down felons and bringing them to justice. Our team worked hard in putting this case together, but without the support and help of citizens who stepped up, the outcome would have been far different. So, thank you to Parsonians in identifying felons who are not even residents of our community."

This continues to be an on-going investigation and citizens are encouraged to "See It, Hear It, Report It." If anyone has any further information on this incident or any other criminal activity, please contact the Parsons Police Department at 421-7060 or call the Tip Line at 421-7057 or email at