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Parsons Police Introduce New K-9 Morgan


The Parsons Police Department wants to formally introduce the community to K-9 Morgan and her handler Officer Christian Smith. Officer Smith and K-9 Morgan finished their training at Little Rock K-9 Academy on March 25, 2022.

Morgan is an all-black 15-month-old, female, Labrador Retriever. She has been trained in narcotics detection and tracking just like her counterpart Karim. Morgan was purchased through a donation from the nonprofit group K9s4COPS who donated the funds for Morgan's purchase and training for her and her handler.

Morgan, just like Karim came to the police department from Little Rock K-9 Academy with her certification in both tracking and narcotics detection. She was partnered with Officer Smith after an application and interview panel recommend him for the program.

The K-9 Program for the Parsons Police Department is funded by donations from community members and civic groups. There has been a plaque established for the K-9 program in the lobby of the police department in order to honor the donors to the program.

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said "I am absolutely grateful that we were able to add to our K-9 program. Morgan has already won our hearts with just her presence. I am an avid dog lover and I think that she will be an amazing fit for our department and our community. I am excited to see her in action and how we will be able to continue our fight against the trafficking, sale, and possession of illegal narcotics in Parsons. Karim and his handler were able to be utilized in 65 incidents since he was added to our agency. Karim made 19 positive detections and was able to show off his skill set in 3 demonstrations. I am excited to see these two officers and their K-9s work together in winning the hearts and minds of the community."

Officer Christian Smith has been with the Parsons Police Department since 2019 and has been a proactive member of the agency. Officer Smith and Morgan will be working closely with K-9 Karim and handler Corporal Kyle Shields while doing presentations, demonstrations, and training.

Officer Smith said "this is a great opportunity for me, and I am excited to be able to learn and grow with the police department's K-9 Program. Being a K-9 handler has always been a career goal of mine and I look forward to showcasing what Morgan and I can do for the department and the community."

If you would like to make a donation to the K-9 Program to help with medical costs and upkeep of our two K-9 Officers then please go to the Parsons Area Community Foundation, and make your donation. All donations go the care and upkeep of Morgan and Karim. 

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Morgan and Officer Smith

Morgan and Officer Smith 2