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No Shave November Kicks Off


                In past years "No Shave November" was observed by members of the Parsons Police Department. With Covid 19 and mask mandates for officers, that tradition has gone by the wayside. This year officers of the Parsons Police Department can again choose to participate in this tradition.

                Parsons officers and staff members that are allowed to participate in this year's "No Shave November" event will contribute to the Parsons Police Department's 'Shop with a Cop' program that helps support our community's underprivileged children. Working in conjunction with the Duke Mason Band and other community members and organizations the Parsons Police Department with the help of Labette County Sheriff's Department, Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP), Parsons Fire Department and Labette County EMS we were was able shop with 25 children in 2021.

                Yearly the City of Parsons supports the Parsons Police Department's 'Shop with a Cop' Program. With partners like Walmart, it is a huge success for Parsons families and department members.

                Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said, "I love to brag about my officers as much as I possibly can and I will continue to do so, but for a moment let me talk about the heart of children. The kids that we help are some of the most selfless people you can find. When you give a child money to buy themselves gifts and they make purchases for their sisters and brothers and mom or dad, it is enough to bring anyone to tears. Children that finally get the opportunity to buy what they have longed for to make a conscience decision to buy something smaller so that there is enough left to get a gift for family is the most humbling thing you can witness. I hope that our willingness to reach out to the community continues to gain the appreciation it deserves and that more and more people donate to this worthy cause. This is what Christmas is all about. If my officers are willing to donate to this for a chance to grow a beard, then who am I to say no."

                If you wish to make a donation to the Shop with a Cop program as well, please contact Charlotte Lamb at the Parsons Police Department (620) 421-7060 or you can mail checks to the city of Parsons with Shop with a Cop in the memo line. Any and all is welcome.

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