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911 Open Line Leads to Felony Arrest and Battered Officer


On November 10, 2022, Officers were dispatched to the 1800 block of Dirr Ave for an open 911 line. While responding to the scene dispatchers advised the officers that Jake Cervantes had an active felony warrant out of Labette County Sheriffs Department. The address they had been sent to was a known residence for Cervantes.


In 2020, Cervantes was the suspect in a home invasion that occurred in Labette County In that incident the homeowner shot Cervantes. Earlier this year according to press accounts, Cervantes pleaded no contest to a reduced burglary charge. He had been arrested by the Labette County Sheriffs Office for aggravated burglary and aggravated assault. During the crime, he had been armed with a knife. In court his attorney said Cervantes has had drug and mental health issues.


Lieutenant Jason Ludwig and Officer Donald Joy arrived at the house on Dirr. A female exited the front door and whispered to Lt. Ludwig that Jake was hiding under the bed and gave them permission to go into the house.


Officers searched the residence and found Cervantes hiding under a bed as they had been told. He was ordered out of hiding and he was told that he was under arrest for an active felony warrant. Cervantes feigning to comply and started to walk to the officers before turning away from them. He jumped on a bed and tried to flee out of a window. Lt. Ludwig grabbed Cervantes to prevent the escape, but Cervantes drug Lt. Ludwig along as he jumped out of the window. Falling to the ground outside of the residence Cervantes continued to fight officers to avoid apprehension. Officers were able to subdue Cervantes and place him in handcuffs.


During the fight and the fall through and out the window, Lt. Ludwig suffered an injury to one of his arms he was later treated at the Labette Health Emergency Room and released to restricted duty. Cervantes treated by EMS at the arrest scene and was taken to the Parsons Police Department for the arrest for his felony warrant. Charges are being sought on Cervantes for Felony Interference with Law Enforcement, and Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer. The case will be filed with the Labette County Attorney's Office.


Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said, "here is another known felon prowling our city, out waiting for sentencing with a warrant issued on this same legal proceeding. There was a time when the old adage of 'you do the crime, you do the time,' meant something. While one of my officers was unnecessarily assaulted and injured in this case, it could just as easily have been a citizen," said Spinks. "I think I am just as frustrated as other citizens in wanting to know why it's so hard to keep habitual or career criminals locked up. Last year 681 arrests were made by my staff, nearly half of those arrested where arrested more than once. Two individuals were arrested 12 times each. Citizens need to take a hard look at the processing of felons."


This continues to be an on-going investigation and citizens are encouraged to "See It, Hear It, Report It". If anyone has any further information on this incident or any other criminal activity, please contact the Parsons Police Department at 421-7060 or call the Tip Line at 421-7057 or email at