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Police Arrest Shooting Suspect in Parsons


For Immediate Release

Date:           June 2, 2023

Contact:     Lieutenant Jason Ludwig

Phone:        (620) 421-7060

Email:          jludwig@parsonspd.com


Acting on information developing during the on-going investigation of the Wednesday, May 31st shooting incident in the 3100 Block of Grand Avenue, Parsons Police tracked Herman 'Duke' Herman, age 20 to a possible location near South 13th and Briggs in Parsons around 7 pm.

Police responded with multiple officers and set up a perimeter around part of the Parsons Village apartment complex at 1100 South 13th Street. The suspect was isolated in one of the apartments and police evacuated several of the apartment residences for the safety of the residents.

Officers arrested William Tyrone Andre Phillips at the Parsons Village apartment complex on a host of criminal charges that were not directly connected to the Herman shooting incident. Phillips was taken into custody without incident and was booked into the Labette County jail on charges of: Contempt of Court - Indirect Probation Violation; Criminal Possession of a Weapon by a Felon; Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer; Driving While Suspended; Criminal Use of Weapons - Possession of a Firearm by Person Addicted to Controlled Substance; No Vehicle Liability Insurance; Aggravated Escape from Custody; Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer; Criminal Threat - Causing Terror Evacuation or Disruption and Domestic Battery (Dating Relationship).

Herman refused the efforts of police to negotiate his peaceful surrender and exit the apartment where he was hiding by himself.

Police maintained a lock-down of the suspect's location while they obtained a search warrant to enter the apartment to arrest Herman on multiple felony charges arising from the Wednesday daylight shooting.

Police obtained a search warrant for Herman and again attempted to negotiate with Herman to have him peacefully exit the apartment. Detective Lieutenant Sherri McGuire, the agency's negotiator tried a second time to negotiate with the suspect to  attempt to get him to peacefully surrender, but this also failed and Herman remained in the apartment.

A Parsons Police Entry Team made entry into the apartment just after 10 pm and executed the search warrant. Herman was successfully taken into custody without injury. Herman was initially transported to the Parsons Police Lock-up to be evaluated by EMS. It appears that on Wednesday, May 31st during the shooting in the 3100 block of Grand Avenue, Herman sustained a possible gunshot wound to his hand from residents who fired back at Herman. The injury was not life threatening.

 The Labette County Sheriff's Office also assisted Parsons police and provided tip information for this investigation.

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks paid the officers on scene a compliment for their professional handling of what could have been a deadly situation. "Tonight, we called in extra staff, they worked in a coordinated manner under the direction of Patrol Lieutenant Kyle Wiford and took a violent offender into custody without the need to utilize deadly force."

Spinks thanked some 35 apartment residents who after the suspect was taken into custody, came out to thank the officers on scene for their professionalism and thanked them for safely ending the siege. "In this day and age, you don't always see folks thanking the police," said Spinks, "this was spontaneous, and it meant a lot to my staff."

For the attacks that occurred on Wednesday, May 31st, the Parsons Police is currently listing Herman Stefon Herman as the lone suspect for both criminal damage reports involving a series of hatchet attacks in the 1600 block of Kennedy, and the 800 block of South 35th Street as well as the shooting in the 3100 block of Grand at 1pm.

These criminal attacks are believed to be targeted at specific individuals who Herman knew. There is no evidence that these were random criminal acts.

During the exchange of gunfire by Herman at the targeted residence on Grand Avenue multiple houses were hit with gunfire as well as an O'Reilly's delivery vehicle and the Dwayne's Photo at 415 South 32nd Street.

Officers talked to witnesses who identified Herman as the shooter and who started the gunfire. The intended victims fired back at Herman who was reportedly hit during the exchange. Herman fled the scene leaving his sister, Bernia Herman, who reportedly drove him to the residence, at the scene. Bernia Lashay Herman, 26 of Parsons, was arrested on Wednesday, May 31st at the shooting scene and was transported to the Parsons Police Department.

Around 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 31st, Lieutenant Kyle Wiford located the black Mercedes that Herman had fled in parked at 1204 S 24th. Officers quickly established a perimeter around the house. A search warrant was obtained for the property and was later executed by officers. Herman was not located at the house, but evidence to the shooting was found and collected.

Parsons Police are seeking the following charges through the Labette County Attorney's Office for Bernia Lashay Herman; Aiding and Abetting Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree, Aggravated Endangering of a Child, Obstructing Apprehension of Prosecution, Battery, and Endangering a Child.

Parsons Police are seeking the following charges through the Labette County Attorney's Office for Herman 'Duke' Herman; 3 counts of Attempted 1st Degree Murder, Criminal Discharge of a Firearm at an Occupied Dwelling, Aggravated Endangerment of a Child.

Parsons Police Department Deputy Chief Dodd said, "the men and women of the Parsons Police Department were tenacious in the investigation of this string of targeted violent crimes. Multiple search warrants were served, leads were followed up, and arrests made. The midnight oil was burnt by the police staff to get this violent 20-year-old off our city streets."    

Wiford said, "this continues to be an ongoing investigation. We will continue to follow-up on new leads and there may be additional arrests that come down the pike based on what we have learned over the past two days."     

Citizens are encouraged to "See It, Hear It, Report It." If anyone has any further information on this incident or any other criminal activity, please contact the Parsons Police Department at 421-7060 or call the Tip Line at 421-7057 or email at tips@parsonspd.com.

Parsons Police have had a busy week with the following suspects arrested for other criminal acts not associated with Herman case:

5-29-2023 - Keaton, Terry Wayne arrested for Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter; Upon Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Discharge of Firearm and Domestic Battery.

5-29-2023 - Stringfellow, Jeremy Christian arrested for Driving While Suspended; 1st Conviction, Interference with Law Enforcement Officer, and  Vehicle Liability Insurance.

5-29-2023 - Emert, Seth Michael arrested for a Cherokee County Failure to Appear Warrant.

5-29-2023 - Showalter, Waite Aaron arrested for two Labette County Failure to Appear Warrants.

5-28-2023 - Smith Jr, Victor Richard arrested for Aggravated Battery and Endangering a Child.

Citizens can look up arrestees who are booked into the Parsons Police Lock-up at www.parsonspd.com. Most arrestees are transferred to the Labette County Jail after a first court appearance.

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