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Award Winning Continues for Parsons Police


 The Parsons Police Department is proud to announce its recent achievements, earning the distinguished Silver Traffic Safety Award and the prestigious Lexipol Gold Award. These awards recognize the department's exceptional efforts in traffic safety and police department policy management, respectively.

The Silver Traffic Safety Award was presented to the Parsons Police Department for its outstanding initiatives in reducing traffic crashes and its active participation in the Kansas Department of Transportation enforcement programs, such as "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose" and "Click It or Ticket" as well as department operated programs. This year marks the 9th year the Parsons Police Department has earned recognition for their efforts.

Patrol Lieutenant Kyle Wiford, who leads the department's traffic safety initiatives, expressed his pride in the achievement, stating, "This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our officers in ensuring the safety of our roads. Their effort through proactive enforcement and community education, has shown that we've made significant strides in reducing traffic incidents and saving lives."

In addition to the Silver Traffic Safety Award, the Parsons Police Department also received the Lexipol Gold Award for excellence in police department policy management and training. This award highlights the department's commitment to maintaining high standards in policy adherence, education and continuous officer training. Parsons has been awarded the Gold Award for 4 consecutive years now.

Lieutenant Jason Ludwig, who oversees the Administrative Services Division which includes policy management and training, commented on the honor, saying, "The Lexipol Gold Award underscores our officer's commitment to best practices and ongoing professional development. Our officers are better equipped and more knowledgeable, which translates to better service and safety for our community."

Chief Robert Spinks expressed his pride in the department's dual accomplishments, noting, "Earning both the Silver Traffic Safety Award and the Lexipol Gold Award is a significant achievement for our department. It reflects our dedication to comprehensive safety and excellence in all facets of our operations. These awards are not just a recognition of our department's efforts but a motivation to continue striving for higher standards and greater community impact. By setting our standards higher we hope to lead other agencies by example into the future of law enforcement."

The Parsons Police Department remains committed to its mission of protecting and serving the community with pride, professionalism, and dedication. These awards serve as a milestone in their ongoing journey to enhance public safety and community trust.

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2024 Traffic Safety Award