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      The core function of the Parsons Police Department is to document, investigate, and prevent crimes. However our duties have evolved way beyond those functions. Officers in this day and age must have knowledge in psychology, sociology, medicine, criminal and civil law, crisis counseling, explosives, firearms and a host of state and local laws. The modern Police Officer must navigate a course between the constitutional right of the accused, the legal rights of the victims, and the demand of the public they serve.

      The Parsons Police Department will enter 30,000 entries into the computer aided dispatch on average. Each entry indicates some type of activity that ties up one or more officers. Some of these activities may take five minutes and some may take an hour or two. In the event of a homicide the departments investigation can take weeks.

      The Parsons Police Department will be at almost any emergency that occurs in the city. We will investigate the living conditions of children and initiate legal action when necessary. Children are often taken into Police Protective Custody to insure their safety. This responsibility is delegated solely to the Police when investigated in the field.

      Police are charged with insuring the welfare of adults in crisis. People who are suicidal or no longer can care for themselves and can be deemed a danger to themselves or others. Police investigate and place these individuals in protective custody. Once in custody we must look out for the welfare of those individuals and often transport them to a treatment facility. With this as with most all police functions reports must be written, evidence must be marked, packaged, and cataloged and reports forwarded to the court of jurisdiction. When the time comes the officer or officers must testify in court.

      More and more public activities are requiring the police provide traffic control and peace keeping functions. Annually we have Katy Days, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Duathlon, and the Christmas Parade and are receiving more and more requests for officers to participate.

      Officers provide traffic enforcement for the community. We investigate traffic accidents and complete reports which must be forwarded to the state. The State mandates any accident that occurs on a public roadway with damage exceeding $1000.00 must be investigated. The new State accident reports which was placed into effect January 1, 2009, is a very time consuming report. We also prepare Courtesy accident reports on private property or under $1000.00 damage. Reports for citizens on accidents that the State does not require a report. This is done to assist citizens with their insurance claims but is not required.

      The Police Department monitors weather and sound the warning sirens. We notify the public shelters when to open.

      The Police Department responds to burglary, robbery and fire alarms and we respond to most fire and medical calls.

      The Police Department holds the Osage Prairie Bicycle Tour, the Shaun Hill Football Camp, runs the Parsons Police Youth Football League and sponsors a baseball team with Babe Ruth.

      The Police Department with USD 503 has established two School Resource Officers.

      The Police Department is involved in public education including D. A. R. E., working with LCC to provide criminal justice and safety courses, and hosts a monthly public meeting.

      We respond to and work domestic violence cases. Make arrests where appropriate. Help women get to safe houses and document the cases and assist with the prosecution. 

      The Police Department dispatches for itself. Dispatch also provides reception, records management and jail monitoring services for the department.The Police Department dispatches for itself. Dispatch also provides reception, records management and jail monitoring services for the department.

      We participate in Federal Seat Belt use enforcement programs.

      We have child safety seat technicians and participate in Safe Kids.

      We complete State VIN inspections. We also do fingerprinting services for adoptions, teaching certificates, employment etc.

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