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Citizen Comment Form

Hearing the community and being responsive to ideas, suggestions and comments that YOU have is an important part of the Parsons Police Department's commitment to continuous improvement.

We take all written comments seriously and try to respond appropriately. Sometimes we may be able to streamline a process, improve a policy or procedure, re-assign resources to improve a service or work to improve programs using community resources, partnerships, volunteerism or other non-traditional means. But, it all starts with you taking the time to share your comments with us.

Receiving positive feedback about the extra level of service that you may have received from a City employee is also important so that we can acknowledge the exceptional work that our employees provide. If you would like to commend an employee please complete this form.

As with any organization, we can also make a mistake and while we strive to provide error free service, you may register a complaint by completing this form and signing the certification at the bottom of the page.

Robert L. Spinks, MA, MA
Chief of Police