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Parsons PD Detective Tests Positive for COVID-19


The Parsons Police Department recently announced they have had a member of the department test positive for COVID-19. The information was given to the Department Saturday morning by the Labette County Health Department.

Upon noticing symptoms early last week, the officer self-quarantined and went to the Fever Clinic at Labette Health for testing. The officer tested negative for Influenza A & B as well as pneumonia.

However, the COVID-19 test came back positive. The involved officer is a detective who was not on a patrol assignment and had been in the Police Annex which is separated from the main police facility.

Two additional officers have been placed in self-quarantine as a precaution due to this situation. These officers also are part of the investigation's unit and have not exhibited any of the symptoms, which procedurally means they cannot be tested at this time.

"All standard procedures for testing and quarantine are being followed at this time for the safety of all involved," said City Manager, Debbie Lamb. "These actions will NOT have an effect on the ability of the Parsons Police Department to maintain regular patrols nor on the number of officers on the street," she concluded.

Backup plans have been put into place to maintain staffing and the highest level of safety at the Police Department. According to Parsons Police Chief, Robert Spinks "The police facility was given a deep cleaning on Thursday, and we have been following our plans on cleaning, social distancing and screening employees daily. These precautions are already in place since 1st Responders are at-risk given the situation, department plans on handling risk exposure are being followed."