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On Tuesday, April 17th Parsons Police received a call of a one car crash at 32nd and Dirr at 4:49 pm. EMS and the fire department were dispatched by the County 911 Center.

Upon arriving on scene at 4:54 pm Officers saw that good samaritans had already removed the driver, the sole occupant of a truck and were performing CPR. EMS arrived on scene at 5 pm and took over CPR and emergency medical aid commenced. Fire department staff also arrived on scene.

One police officer directed traffic, 2 officers canvassed witnesses and took statements and a 4th officer took photographs of the scene. EMS transported the victim to the hospital.

The truck was not driveable and officers tried to locate the nearest relative to move the vehicle. No local relatives were immediately located and a tow truck was dispatched and arrived at 5:20 pm. The vehicle was towed and removed from the street where it was partially blocking traffic. Our police dispatcher was able to locate a Nephew of the driver and provided him with the tow information.

A disgruntled family member who lives in Florida made a factually incorrect social media rant about how the police responded and handled the situation. That post was responded to. In order to ensure the factual account is shared with the community this release has been disseminated on social media.

The disgruntled Flordian family member also accused the police dispatcher of being rude and discourteous. As a police department all complaints are seriously, though posting a rant on social media is less effective than contacting the police department or visiting our web site to make a factual complaint at:

This Facebook rant was easy review and discount as unfounded after a review of the police report, call data, photos, body camera video, a review of the recorded telephone conversation and a conversation with on-scene Sergeant.

As mentioned, the phone conversation with our dispatch center was recorded as all calls are, and the Dispatcher was not rude nor did she make any inappropriate comments. One allegation was that the caller should ask her Father about what happened (he was being transported to the hospital). No such comment or anything like it was made by our Dispatcher. The dispatcher had very limited information when the Florida relative called, but a local Nephew had already been contacted by the Dispatcher.

The Florida relative was apparently upset that the truck wasn't moved to the driver's home. Our dispatcher couldn't give detailed status of the event as it was still evolving and because the County 911 Center handles EMS and fire radio traffic, they operate on other radio channels.

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