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Parsons PD Lends a Hand to the Local Livestock Market


On Thursday May 18th, 2023, the Parsons Police were notified about a possible traffic hazard. Officer was told that the hazard happened to be a calf that was at the local livestock market and had been able to escape.

Sergeant Waylon Kepley responded along with Officer Joshua Lindsey. Sgt. Kepley, having grown up on a farm and raised cattle his whole life, knows firsthand that cattle are unpredictable at best. That calf was located near Parcom in the 800 block of North 16th Street just 8 blocks from the Parsons Livestock Market. The owner of the livestock market and an employee were able to rope the calf in the 1500 block of Dirr Ave. and with the help of Sgt. Kepley as an anchor on the rope, they were eventually able to get the unruly calf into a stock trailer and back to the market.

The Parsons Police Department has a great relationship with the livestock market and has always been able to count on their assistance with livestock that wander into the city limits or escape from a trailer on sale day. This incident is just one of the many livestock calls that the police department receives. In a rural setting there are cattle and farmland that surrounds the city, so these calls are common. Running through yards is a little less common. 

Police Chief Robert Spinks said, "to me this is a very interesting ordeal. I personally know nothing of cattle but having Sgt. Kepley around has shown me that the unpredictable nature of cattle is something to watch for. I have the greatest respect for the men and women of the cattle industry. The work they do is well beyond the typical 9-5 job that most Americans enjoy. Their dedication to the safe handling and treatment of their livestock is truly a remarkable sight to behold."

This incident, although not isolated, give us the opportunity to inform citizens that if you happened to see a loose cow, calf, bull, or any other livestock loose on the streets please don't approach it just call the police and we will make sure to contact the help we need to safely capture the animal. Livestock is unpredictable and spooky and will run through yards fences and house if need be. Please be safe and stay away.


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