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K9 Program Receives Donation


The Parsons Police Department gratefully acknowledges a heartfelt donation from the generous organization, Protecting K9 Heroes. This charitable contribution comprises two specialized K9 trauma kits, a vital addition to aid our esteemed K-9 partners, Karim and Morgan. The trauma kits were graciously provided to the Parsons PD K9 Program without cost.

Officer Devin Wisdom found this grant opportunity and provided all necessary information for the opportunity. Officer Devin Wisdom is K9 Karim's partner. 

Corporal Christian Smith expressed profound appreciation, stating, "We are truly humbled and deeply grateful for this tremendous and generous gift benefiting our four-legged partners. Karim and Morgan are valuable members of our department, and such donations exemplify the widespread support that K9 Programs have garnered nationwide."

The trauma kits obtained through this generous donation will play a crucial role in enhancing the safety and well-being of our dedicated K-9 partners during their service to the community. The Parsons Police Department recognizes the significance of equipping its K9 Unit with state-of-the-art resources to ensure the utmost effectiveness in their vital roles.

Protecting K9 Heroes' commitment to supporting law enforcement agencies and their K9 Units underscores their dedication to safeguarding the brave and selfless contributions made by these loyal companions.

The Parsons Police Department extends its heartfelt gratitude to Protecting K9 Heroes for their invaluable assistance and unwavering support. This act of generosity will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the safety and effectiveness of the K9 Program in Parsons.

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