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Parsons Police Department Makes 30 Arrests in a Week


The Parsons Police Department has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to proactive law enforcement during the week of July 17th to July 23rd, with officers successfully making a total of 30 arrests, as reported by Patrol Lieutenant Kyle Wiford in his weekly report.

Lt. Wiford expressed his satisfaction with this achievement, stating, "This marks a record high in the history of my weekly reports to the department management team. It is a testament to the dedication of our officers in making a positive impact on the community and reducing crime."

Out of the 30 arrests, officers executed 8 warrant arrests and 10 narcotics busts, showcasing the department's effectiveness in addressing various types of criminal activities.

Chief Robert Spinks applauded the accomplishment, stating, "This is excellent news for our agency and our city. I am profoundly grateful for the dedication displayed by our young officers. They are supported by our committed supervisors, who provide guidance and mentorship to this motivated group."

The Parsons Police Department's commitment to ensuring public safety and upholding the law is further evident in its annual arrest statistics. In 2022, the department made a total of 803 arrests, the highest number since 2014, which recorded 842 arrests. Notably, in the current year, 2023, the department has already achieved 648 arrests as of the June activity report.

Chief Spinks emphasized, "It is crucial for the community to recognize that we are unwavering in our efforts to make strong and solid arrests. A significant portion of these arrests involve repeat offenders, highlighting a societal and judicial issue that extends beyond our community and affects numerous others across the nation. While discussions about police reform are important, we also need to address the need for judicial reform. Creating a more effective system for rehabilitating criminals and holding them accountable is essential. In the meantime, the citizens of Parsons can rest assured that the police department will continue to work tirelessly to combat criminal activity."

For comprehensive crime statistics and further insights, citizens are encouraged to visit the Parsons Police Department website, www.parsonspd.com, and explore the recently released Annual Report for 2022. The report offers transparency, providing valuable information to the public without requiring employment within the department. Additionally, the department has published its Annual Crime Clock, which offers valuable insights into crime trends and patterns.

The Parsons Police Department remains dedicated to fostering positive interactions with the community and encourages citizens to actively participate in maintaining safety. Residents are reminded to "See It, Hear It, Report It" and are encouraged to join the officers at any upcoming Coffee with a Cop event or engage with them in a friendly conversation whenever encountered in public.

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