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Parsons Police Honors Employees


On October 2, 2023, Parsons Police honored several employees for their actions as well as honoring a retirement at the City Commission meeting. Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks, Deputy Chief Dennis Dodd, and Lieutenant Kyle Wiford all presented at the meeting. 

Officer Russel Parsons was honored for his retirement by Chief Spinks after 28 years of service to the law enforcement profession. Officer Parsons finished the last four years of his career and service with the Parsons Police Department. He was awarded a plaque, retirement badge, and a certificate to thank him for his 28 years of dedicated service.

Deputy Chief Dodd presented Life Saving Awards to two officers as well. Corporal Rory Johnson and Officer Luke Schibi were given their awards for efforts to save a Parsons resident with life threatening lacerations to the abdomen and leg in April of 2023. Officers Schibi and Johnson were given a plaque and their medals to commemorate their achievement.

Lieutenant Kyle Wiford, who oversees the patrol division as well as the Field Training Program, was able to present 4 officers with their FTP completion Challenge Coins. Officers Connor Eichinger, Sean McCullough, Ricky Thompson, and Josh Daniels successfully completed their 14-week basic training academy as well as the 12-week Field Training Program that finishes a recruit officers training. "An officers training is never complete, and this is only the beginning of a career of learning," according to Lieutenant Wiford.

Chief Spinks said, "it is difficult to be able to highlight each great thing that our officers do each day. There is not enough time in the day or press space to thank everyone for everything, but it is great to get this opportunity to honor a few of our accomplishments. Not everyone makes it to retirement so that was a great opportunity to thank the now Retired Officer Russel Parsons. Enjoy your retirement. Not everyone is put in the position to make life saving efforts and save a human life, so that was another great chance to honor two dedicated officers. Lastly, law enforcement is not for everyone. With the mental stress, demands on family and friends as well as putting your life in jeopardy everyday you put on that badge it is important to honor those who want to start in the most honorable profession. Officers who complete the Field Training Program are only at the beginning of a long career of learning and development. It is important to welcome them with open arms and thank them for their completion."

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