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New Years Eve Disturbance in Parsons



New Years Eve Disturbance in Parsons


For Immediate Release

Date: January 3, 2024

Contact: Lieutenant Jason Ludwig

Phone: (620) 421-7060

Email: jludwig@parsonspd.com



On New Years Eve (December 31, 2023) at about 9:40 pm, Parsons police responded to what started as a disturbance involving a resident of the 1700 block of Chess. This male, who is a person of interest (POI), was reported to have been arguing with his girlfriend in their front yard. Prior to the arrival of the police, a vehicle drove up and there was a verbal exchange between the driver and the male who had been arguing with his girlfriend.

Several individuals from a residence across the street then came out and the arguing escalated. The male POI fled from the scene prior to the police arriving. This subject was located and interviewed by officers. Neighbors said that the male had made threats toward them and displayed a handgun. A search of his person and residence did not locate any handgun(s). Other witnesses said they had not seen a handgun and the POI said he had not threatened anyone and only had his cell phone in the darkness while arguing with his neighbors.

The video that was reviewed by Officers at the scene did not show a firearm being displayed. There was alcohol involved in this disturbance which further complicated the investigation.

Police are referring the case to the Labette County Attorney's Office requesting a charge of criminal threats. No physical arrests were made at this time.

Police responded again later in the evening when neighbors were upset because the POI was not physically arrested. This disturbance required the response of multiple police units from Parsons Police and the Sheriff's Office to respond and quell the upset individuals.

"Disturbances that are fueled by alcohol and emotion can quickly escalate, as this one did," said Deputy Chief Dennis Dodd. "This scene was confused by conflicting statements, a lack of physical evidence and video that did not confirm any display of a handgun. This is why on-going investigation continues and why a physical arrest was not justified at the time of the incident."

This continues to be an on-going investigation and citizens are encouraged to "See It, Hear It, Report It." All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If anyone has any further information on this incident  or if they were a witness to this incident, please contact Detective Lieutenant Sherri McGuire at 620-421-7060, so you can be interviewed. You can also call the Tip Line at 620-421-7057 or email tips@parsonspd.com .


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