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Investigations Division Fully Staffed


After a challenging six-year period of understaffing in the Investigations Division, the Parsons Police Department is proud to announce that it is now fully staffed with the recent addition of Sergeant Tony Adamson. This milestone comes after Lieutenant Sherri McGuire, the sole investigator for many years, was joined by Sergeant Brice Dickens in late 2023.

The newly reinforced Investigations Division is equipped with a dedicated team consisting of Lieutenant McGuire, Sergeant Dickens, and the latest addition, Sergeant Adamson. This expansion not only addresses the staffing gap but also enhances the department's capacity to allocate resources to a broader spectrum of investigations, contributing to overall public safety.

Lieutenant McGuire, who has been instrumental in leading investigations during the staffing shortage, expressed her enthusiasm about the development, stating, "The addition of Sergeant Adamson to our team marks a crucial turning point for the Investigations Division. With a fully staffed unit, we are better positioned to address a wider range of cases and provide more comprehensive support to our community."

Police Chief Robert Spinks commended the dedication of the team, saying, "I am incredibly proud of the hard work and commitment displayed by the members of our Investigations Division. Achieving full staffing is a significant accomplishment, and I have full confidence in Lieutenant McGuire, Sergeant Dickens, and Sergeant Adamson to continue their excellent work in serving and protecting the residents of Parsons. We will now turn our full focus to fill in the opening at the patrol level as well as address shortages in dispatch and our grant funded positions."

Chief Spinks also highlighted the positive impact on the department's capabilities, stating, "With a fully staffed Investigations Division, we can now more effectively allocate resources to different types of investigations, ensuring a timely and thorough response to incidents. This is a testament to the department's commitment to enhancing public safety and fostering a secure environment for our community."

The Parsons Police Department looks forward to the continued success of its Investigations Division and remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of law enforcement and the departments core values of Pride, Professionalism, and Dedication.

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Detective Adamson

Sergeant Brice Dickens