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You are the Police Power Point

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Chief Robert Spinks, MA, MS
Parsons (KS) Police

A personal guide to the values and mission of your Department. And a personal guide to listening to, working with, and learning from the most important person in our business...THE CITIZEN!


  • Many agencies never discuss:
    • Mission, Vision & Values.
    • Strategic Planning.
    • Expectations on Service.
    • Professionalism.
    • Ethics.

Our Motto: Pride - Professionalism - Dedication

Mission Statement - The Mission Statement defines why we exist, what we do, and why we do it:

Our mission is to partner with our community to protect our citizens and make the City of Parsons a safe and desirable place to live, work or visit. We are problem solvers using Pride, Professionalism and Dedication to guide our actions in an ethical and legal way.

Mission Statement:
*Who we are
*What we value
(Communicating Purpose to Stakeholders)

Vision Statement:
*What we want to become
(Communicating Purpose to Stakeholders)

*How we will achieve our vision

Goals & Objectives:
* How we gauge our degree of success

Outstanding service delivery and improvement rests with each and every employee.

*Professional and exceptional service that serves our commitment to WOW!" Balance Warrior and Guidance Mentality.
* Prompt response: Firm, fair and friendly.
* Follow-through and case ownership.
* Problem solvers.
* Problem Oriented Policing to remove problems at their source.
* Involve partners from throughout the community to solve community problems collaboratively.


* Identify & address staffing.

* Target crime prevention programming and mentoring opportunities as funding allows.

* Proactive use of volunteer resources and programming.

* Remodel the present police facility & build a new Public Safety Center to meet growing community needs.

* Matching tactical needs to planning for city risks and budgeting accordingly.

* Create and implement a realistic Strategic Plan to guide us.

· Market agency accomplishments, guide and coach the organization and develop strong community communication.
· Liaison with community, students, clubs, employees and organizations, and plan for the future of the agency.
· Aggressively look at traditional and non-traditional funding sources.
· Strive to benchmark.

We are professional law enforcement members, sensitive to the needs and expectations of the individual citizen and dedicated to serving our growing community.

We are evolving to meet the changing needs of our community, while maintaining our commitment to excellence in the highest traditions of police service.

· Pride:  We strive to take pride in our actions, appearance and community.

· Professionalism:  We are well-trained, competent employees and volunteers who demonstrate the highest level of performance and teamwork. We work in a serious, thoughtful manner and prepare to succeed.  

· Dedication:  We treat members of our Department and community equitably and are consistent in protecting the constitutional rights of all. Our team is dedicated to performing our very best at all times. We take responsibility for our actions to ensure they are legal, moral and ethically sound at all times.

  1. Citizens don't talk to "the Department." They talk to YOU!

  2. Great service starts with a good attitude. You attitude.
    Would you want to talk to you? if the answer is "no," it's time for an attitude adjustment!

  3. There's only one judge of great service: The Citizen

  4. Citizens don't think of themselves as "victims and witnesses." They think of themselves as people who need help. Enjoy helping people.
    Would your family members be happy with the type of service they might receive from our Department?

  5. There's no "right way" to talk to citizens. Every person is different. Every problem is unique. So every conversation is different.

    Treat Our Citizens Like They Were Your Family.
    Response Time Counts! But, Our Motto Must be Golden.
    Patrol Must Always Be Tenacious; Go the Extra Mile.
    It Really Is Your Responsibility.
    Professionalism Means Doing the Small Things Perfect.
    People Expect more in a Small Community -Give it to Them.

    Program for Success:
    Exceed what people expect from our Agency. Wow Citizens as a routine!

  6. Don't just talk to citizens - talk to us!
    You are the voice of the citizen inside the Police Department.

  7. It's not enough to take care of citizens. You have to care about them. Great Service isn't just a Transaction. It's a Bond.

  8. Don't just solve problems - CREATE OPPORTUNITIES. You can turn a slip-up into a positive.

  9. Don't just listen - learn. Small complaints can generate big improvements.

  10. Learn to anticipate problems. If you listen to people and look for patterns, you can read citizens' minds!

  11. Every call for service is a judgment call. The deeper your knowledge, the better your judgment.

  12. If you really want to help citizens, Don't be afraid to ask for help yourself. Your questions to us will improve your answers to the community.

Parsons Police Core Vision

NOVICE: Has no professional experience

BEGINNER: Can note recurrent meaningful situational components, but not prioritize between them

COMPETENT: Begins to understand actions in terms of long-range goals

PROFICIENT: Perceives situations as wholes, rather than in terms of aspects

EXPERT: Has intuitive grasp of the situation and zeros in on the accurate region of the problem