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Archive: May 2024

April 2024 Monthly Report

Severe Weather is Expected Tonight

The Parsons City Hall Shelter will be open at 6pm tonight to accomodate individuals seeking shelter during what is expected to be an evening of severe thunder storms.
Current forecasts appear to show a strong band of thunderstorms hitting Parsons around 9pm until past midnight. These forecasts can change quickly so make sure that you listen to radio, tv and online alerts.
The Parsons #503 School District has posted this note on their web site:
FYI: If a Tornado Warning is issued for Parsons this evening, the storm shelters at Garfield and Guthridge will be open, the storm shelter at Lincoln will not be open. If a trusted neighbor in the Lincoln area is interested in volunteering to open the Lincoln storm shelter during future Tornado Warnings, please contact the district office tomorrow. Thanks
Parsons Police Department
You can signup on the Parsons Police Website to receive email and text alerts.