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July Monthly Report


Calls for service totaled 2,454 in June that were handled by officers with the year-to-date total being 14,475. 

Officers continued to be active responding to community needs in May. Officers made 97 arrests bringing the year to date total to 648. 

Crimes against persons (murder, rape, robbery, assault) involved 2 battery's in May. While crimes against property (burglary, theft, criminal damage) totaled 10 burglaries (YTD 64), 50 thefts (YTD 253), and 17 criminal damage reports (YTD 412).

Domestic violence continues to be a significant community problem with 17 domestic violence cases in May. The YTD total for DV cases hit 176.

There were a total of 8 crashes with 3 involving injuires and the rest being property damage. YTD there have been 63 crashes.

Dispatch remains a busy area in the police department, they handled 3,452 incoming phone calls (YTD 17,877) with an additional 295 9-1-1 Emergency Calls were received. The police lobby handled 395 citizen visits to the police department (YTD 2,272).

Our Community Service Officer (CSO) Program responded to 102 animal calls (YTD 804) and impounded 55 animals (YTD 255).