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Winter Driving and Crime Prevention Tips

Winter Driving and Crime Prevention Tips

As your Chief of Police, I want to ensure the safety and well-being of our community, especially during the winter months when challenging weather conditions can pose unique risks. In collaboration with the National Highway Safety Administration and KDOT, I am pleased to share some essential tips for winter driving and crime prevention to help everyone stay safe and secure.

Winter Driving Tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Check weather forecasts and road conditions before heading out. Allow extra time for your commute and plan your route accordingly.
  2. Vehicle Maintenance: Ensure your vehicle is winter-ready. Check your brakes, tires, battery, and fluids. Consider installing snow tires for added traction.
  3. Drive Cautiously: Slow down and maintain a safe following distance. Roads can be slippery, and visibility may be reduced. Use your headlights even during the day.
  4. Emergency Kit: Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle, including a blanket, non-perishable snacks, water, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.
  5. Stay Informed: Stay updated on weather and road conditions through reliable sources. Be aware of any road closures or advisories.

Crime prevention during winter months is also a partnership between citizens taking proactive prevention steps and officers on patrol. In 2023, well over 1,100 arrests were made by your police officers. But prevention is a far better investment than making an arrest after a crime has occurred. Help us, help you to be crime free in 2023. Here are simple crime prevention tips.

Crime Prevention Tips:

  1. Home Security: Ensure your home is secure. Lock all doors and windows and consider installing motion-activated lights around the property.
  2. Holiday Packages: If you are expecting packages, try to have them delivered to a secure location or ask a neighbor to collect them to prevent porch theft.
  3. Travel Plans: If you are planning to be away, let a trusted neighbor or friend know. They can keep an eye on your property and collect mail or newspapers to give the appearance that someone is home. Do not announce that you will be going on a trip on social media.
  4. Vehicle Safety: Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle, especially in plain sight. Lock your car doors, and park in well-lit areas.
  5. Community Watch: Stay connected with your neighbors and consider signing up with, the 21st Century electronic neighborhood watch. The Parsons Police Department has nearly 800 homes signed up on this electronic platform. Look out for one another and report any suspicious activity to the police at 620-421-7060.

By following these tips, we can all contribute to creating a safer and more secure community during the winter season. Remember, your safety is our top priority. If you have any concerns or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact your local law enforcement.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable winter season.

Robert Spinks, MA, MS

Chief of Police - Parsons, KS