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January Activity Report

January saw a slight increase in crashes over January 2023. A total of 13 crashes occurred in Parsons this January with 4 involving injuries. Much of this can be attributed to the snap of cold weather.

     A total of 62 arrests were made in January, comporable to 2023. Burglaries and thefts in town took a slight decline over last January's numbers. 

     Most concerning was the rise in domestic violence calls. Last month police handled 29 incidents, while January of 2023 ad just 13. Mental health calls with people in crisis was similar for the two Januarys with 22 this year and 18 last January.

     Dispatch handled 2,555 total phone calls which was down slightly from the year before.  But, 210 91-1-1 calls were received. Police responded to a total of 2,229 incidents in January, nearly tying last January. 

     Foot track into the police lobby soared to 1,000 people verse last January's total of just 380. 

     A total of 107 animal calls were handled this year with 26 impounded animals.

     Social media continues to surprise us. There are now over 5,100 Facebook followers, 282 Twitter followers and 818 households signed up with The police web site continues to be busy. In January there were 10,658 unique visits to