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Message from the Chief

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Spring is quickly evolving into Summer in Parsons. Your police staff is reminded that this season is an exciting time in our community - a time of refreshing energy and renewed activity. Whether it is at a special event at a public park or a cookout in your backyard, this is a great time of year to enjoy the great outdoors.


We will have kids out on the streets, in the parks and at events - drivers have to keep their head on a swivel to be aware of pedestrians, bickers, joggers and kids playing. Watch your speed, no rush is worth an injury or death. Please take extra caution and slow down when driving through residential neighborhoods. And remember, children learn by watching us. If you are traveling with a child, please model safe driving habits, including:


  •      Wear your seat belt.
  •      Obey the speed limit.
  •      Drive slowly near schools and neighborhoods (and explain why this is important).
  •      Do not text while driving.
  •      Make sure children are in the correct car seat.


For many more driving safety tips, please visit the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration at:


Thank you for keeping our roads and our citizens safe, and we look forward to the great times that summer will bring!


Our 2021 Annual Report will be published after the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) publishes the state and city data on crime at the end of the Summer. We will post our Annual Report on the police web site as we have for the past three years.

Domestic Violence is the violent crime issue in Parsons. That melds with the other challenges of drugs and mental illness and people in-crisis.


  1. Domestic Violence (our number 1 felony and misdemeanor community threat).
  2. Drugs and a focus on illegal manufacture, transportation, and sales.
  3. Mental illness and people in-crisis. Kansas has failed to provide sufficient in-patient resources and medical resources to address addiction and mental health needs.


These challenges cannot be fixed merely by policing. These issues have deep roots that will require community involvement and the help of our faith-based partners. In a community with a population of 9,600 residents there are roughly 50 core criminals (1/2 of 1% of the city), accompanied by about 350 associates (3.6% of the community).


With 681 arrests made by the Parsons Police Department last year, your police staff is doing their part. But 54.91% of those arrested were arrested more than once in 2021. Two of these criminals were arrested over 12 times. The Courts also have to shoulder responsibility to provide deterrence to crime.

The faith-based community has long been an important part of every community's safety net. Caring, outreach and working for the betterment of their fellow man are important crime prevention tactics that have huge positive impact from our faith-based partners.

In a time of national frustration and change our country needs the active involvement of citizens to make our communities safe.


We are recruiting police officers. You can learn more by visiting our web page at:   Police Officers ages range from $41,892 to $49,840 plus overtime. Additional incentives can earn an Officer up to $5,400 annually.

Both the police and fire departments have been historic training ground for larger public safety agencies and in recent years higher wages in the private sector have also challenged the city with retaining great employees. As the region, state, and nation struggle to recruit and retain police officers, so do we. The City Commission made great strides last year to make our total compensation more competitive and those efforts are continuing.


Design work for a new Public Safety Center to house, police, and fire operations along with the LCC criminal justice and fire science programs combined with the location of the SE In-Service Training Center for the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) is continuing. We hope to see initial design concepts from our architects soon. The new Center will be located at 21st and Corning.


Our K-9 Program now includes 2 dogs, Karim and Morgan. Their purchase and cost of operation has been funded entirely through donations from the community and grants. Thanks to all who have supported this critical program. Both K-9's have made multiple arrests, drug seizures, and have searched for missing persons, and evidence.


If you have not done so already - sign-up to receive email and text alerts from the police department by visiting our web site at:  Stay in the know as things happen in your city. You can also catch us on Facebook, Twitter  @ParsonsPolice  and on 


Chief Spinks

 Chief Robert Spinks MA, MS