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Message from the Chief

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Hello 2021 - We are looking forward to great things this year!


THANK YOU and Happy New Year - from our team to yours!

On behalf of your Parsons Police Department thank you for your support. This past year has been a challenging time. COVID-19 hit our agency hard with each of the three spikes in the virus. But our staff continued to push forward in meeting the needs of our community.

Recruiting new employees has been a struggle, not just for our agency but for the law enforcement professional across the United States. Trying to recruit that special individual who has empathy, is mission driven and who is a problem-solver is a challenge. Making sure that we place emphasis on our staff having a Guardian attitude is critically important to us all.

Initial numbers show that our workload rose over 13% in 2020. That does not mean that the over 18,000 incidents handled by the police department indicate a crime rise though. We saw dramatic increases in the number of calls for people in crisis or suffering mental health challenges. Vehicle crashes increased not only in Parsons but across the nation.

With an increasing workload we also saw successful investigations in nearly every crime category. If you committed a crime in Parsons in 2020, you had nearly double the chance of being arrested for your crimes than the national average. We saw a growing partnership between Parsons PD and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI) as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration and US Marshall's Service - multiple investigations resulted in significant arrests for state felony charges and for federal law violations.

In 2021, the Parsons Police will be looking for partnerships and new opportunities to address Parsons' 3 most significant policing challenges:

  1. Domestic Violence (our number 1 felony and misdemeanor community threat).
  2. Drugs and a focus on illegal manufacture, transportation, and sales.
  3. Mental illness and people in-crisis. Kansas has failed to provide sufficient in-patient resources and medical resources to address addiction and mental health needs.

These challenges cannot be fixed merely by policing. These issues have deep roots that will require community involvement and the help of our faith-based partners.

The faith-based community has long been an important part of every community's safety net. Caring, outreach and working for the betterment of their fellow man are important crime prevention tactics that have huge positive impact from our faith-based partners.

In a time of national frustration and change our country needs the active involvement of citizens to make our communities safe.

2021 will be a challenging year, but with your help and involvement we will continue to see our community blossom.

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Thank you for your continued help and support.

Chief Spinks

 Chief Robert Spinks MA, MS