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2021 - Winter is in the Air - Message from the Chief

Please be alert and drive safely as schools and Labette Community College (LCC) are in session. Pedestrians become harder to see as the hours of darkness continue to increase.


The 'good ol'days' of low crime actually are not in the past. Crime in Parsons is almost half of what it was 10 years ago.

Violent criminal acts in Parsons totaled 93 in 2020 (as defined in the Uniform Crime Report [UCR] are comprised of murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault). Per capita for population that ranked Parsons #3 in the state, but 18th in the state in actual crimes. Of these violent crimes roughly 40% involve felony domestic violence assaults.

The overall number of UCR crimes in Parsons (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, auto theft, and arson) in 2020 totaled 499 crimes. This ranks Parsons at position 26 in the state and behind Pittsburg with 1,248 and Independence with 547 (Chanute PD again failed to report their crime data to KBI in 2020). Coffeyville posted 492 UCR crimes.

Reducing crime in town is a team effort. See It! Hear It! Report It! Is working in town with citizens being alert and reporting suspicious activity. By far the biggest challenge in reducing violent crime centers on the high number of felony aggravated assault/battery incidents that are domestic in nature. Reducing domestic violence requires family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to be alert for signs of abuse and assault. Unfortunately, intervention by the police may be the only way to break the cycle of violence.

You can learn more about crime Parsons by clicking on: 


We will be totaling up our 2021 activity to publish that data early in 2022.

You can provide crime tips on-line through our web site at: 


Your police department has continued to make improvements in targeting serious criminals, while also not losing sight of quality-of-life issues that includes animal problems and misdemeanors. We recently hired a new Community Service Officer, Ricky Thompson. He will focus on animal issues, abandoned and junk vehicles on roadways, parking issues and neighborhood issues.


Recruiting new employees has been a struggle, not just for our agency but for the law enforcement professional across the United States. Trying to recruit that special individual who has empathy, is mission driven and who is a problem-solver is a challenge. Making sure that we place emphasis on our staff having a Guardian attitude is critically important to us all. Check out our employment tab here on our web site:


Citizens are stepping up reporting more in town. As we near the end of 2021, Officers have responded to nearly 21,000 events. In 2020, the number of events for the year totaled 18,782 total events. This is currently an 11% increase in total workload. This does not equate to higher crime, but it does involve suspicious activity, drug tips, neighborhood issues, and people in crisis.


We deployed our first K-9 Team at the end of Summer. K-9 'Karim' is a 2year old Belgium Malinois who is a specialist in Drug Detection and Tracking. You can get to know 'Karim' now but clicking on the new K-9 Tab here on the web site. 'Karim' was purchased through generous community donations. Karim has been involved in over two-dozen drug seizures, missing persons, and evidence searches.


In 2022, the Parsons Police will be looking for partnerships and new opportunities to address Parsons' 3 most significant policing challenges:

  1. Domestic Violence (our number 1 felony and misdemeanor community threat).
  2. Drugs and a focus on illegal manufacture, transportation, and sales.
  3. Mental illness and people in-crisis. Kansas has failed to provide sufficient in-patient resources and medical resources to address addiction and mental health needs.

These challenges cannot be fixed merely by policing. These issues have deep roots that will require community involvement and the help of our faith-based partners.

The faith-based community has long been an important part of every community's safety net. Caring, outreach and working for the betterment of their fellow man are important crime prevention tactics that have huge positive impact from our faith-based partners.

In a time of national frustration and change our country needs the active involvement of citizens to make our communities safe.

You can follow us on Twitter @ParsonsPolice and also on: 

Thank you for your continued help and support.

The Parsons Police Department hopes everyone has a great, safe & healthy Holiday Season!


Chief Spinks

 Chief Robert Spinks MA, MS