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'Rap Sheet' Podcast

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The Rap Sheet will be a reoccurring Podcast with the Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks, and occasional guests, covering a variety of topics with the community and letting citizens know about upcoming events activities and information. The 'Rap Sheet' is aired on Wednesdays at 7:30am on 106.7 FM and 1540 AM V93KLKC.

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Week 151- Public Safety Center Update

Week 150- Dispatch / School Zone Safety

Week 149- Crime Stat Up-Tick and Crime Trends

Week 148- Domestic Violence in the Community

Week 147- Phone Scam Advice

Week 146- Internet and Email Safety

Week 145- Summer Time Driving and Safety

Week 144- Day Time Burglary Information

Week 143- Commercial Burglary Prevention

Week 142- Burglar Invitations

Week 141- Summer Pet Safety / Safe Driving

Week 140- New Age Neighborhood Watch ''

Week 139- Karim and the K9 Program

Week 138- PPD Training for Officers and Staff

Week 137- Recruitment for CSO, Dispatcher, Officer

Week 136- Recruitment and K9 Karim

Week 135- Public Safety Center for Parsons

Week 134- Crime Prevention Tips

Week 133- Media Transparency and Home Safety

Week 132- Police Reporting and Body Cameras

Week 131- Use of Force Stats from Annual Report 

Week 130- Dispatch Busy Hours of Operation

Week 129- Vehicle Thefts are Down in the 2020 Annual Report

Week 128- City Crew Appreciation 

Week 127- Year 5 of the 'AAA' Award

Week 126- New K-9 Unit for Parsons PD

Week 125- Officer Training for De-Escalation

Week 124- 2020 Crime Trends and Stats

Week 123- Vacation/ House Watch Program

Week 122- Community Policing Involvement

Week 121- What Policing Really Is

Week 120- Dispatch Center Update

Week 119- What to Report with Chief Spinks

Week 118- Solving Problems through Community Policing

Week 117- Response to Defunding the Police

Week 116- Domestic Violence Prosecution

Week 115- Chief Spinks on Domestic Cases

Week 114- Domestic Violent Crime

Week 113- Identifying Personal Belongings 

Week 112- Domestic Homicides / 9pm Routine

Week 111- Domestic Violence in the Home

Week 110- Clearing Criminal Cases in Parsons

Week 109- Reporting Suspicious Drug Activity

Week 108- Prescription Take Back Program

Week 107- Police Department Recruiting for the Best

Week 106- Parsons PD Recruitment 

Week 105- Why Parsons is Great

Week 104- Departmental Police Trainers

Week 103- Emergency Driver Training

Week 102- Traffic Stop Safety

Week 101- Ride Along Program

Week 100- 'AAA' Safety Award Program

Week 99- School Bus and School Zone Safety

Week 98- Property Crime Prevention

Week 97- Parsons Crime Rate

Week 96- Domestic Abuse 

Week 95- Mask Up Parsons Face Mask Ordinance

Week 94- Police Hiring Process

Week 93- Chief Spinks and Fire Chief Ward Covid-19 Update

Week 92- Fire Department Update with Fire Chief Kenny Ward

Week 91- Community Policing Officer

Week 90- Starting Over with Sgt. Ludwig

Week 89- Peer Pressure with Sgt. Ludwig

Week 88- Website Updates with Sgt. Ludwig

Week 87- Social Changes Post COVID-19

Week 86- Police Department Accountability

Week 85- PPD Return to Normal Operation

Week 84- Website and Lake Patrol

Week 83- Parsons Police Website

Week 82- Importance of See It Hear It Report It

Week 81- Chaplains Program

Week 80- Annual Report 2019

Week 79- Traffic Safety AAA Award

Week 78- PPE Donations

Week 77- COVID-19 Getting Outside

Week 76- COVID-19 Being Prepared

Week 75- COVID-19 Department Function Changes

Week 74- COVID-19 Update with Kenny Ward

Week 73- KCAT Update

Week 71- Parsons Pets with Pizzi

Week 70- Hello CSO Pizzi

Week 69- Home Security and Lighting

Week 68- SCAM Alerts

Week 67- Community Service Officer

Week 66- Winter Driving Tips

Week 65- Reporting Suspicious Activity 'See It, Hear It, Report It'

Week 64- Police UTV

Week 63- Radar Trailer Deployment and Information

Week 62- Package Safety During the Holiday Shopping Season/ Online Shopping Tips

Week 61- Traffic Safety with Sgt. Ludwig

Week 60- Shop with a Cop 2019

Week 59- Making the Community Safer

Week 58- Holiday Shopping Tips/ DUI Enforcement

Week 57- Police Recruitment Efforts

Week 56- Social Media Crime Reporting Myths

Week 55- Crime Stoppers 2019 Presentation

Week 54- Curious Minds Touch-A-Truck

Week 53- Traffic Enforcement

Week 52- Seatbelt Safety Enforcement

Week 51- School Bus and School Zone Safety

Week 50- KCAT Website and Medication Drop Off

Week 49- Nextdoor application

Week 48- Looking Beyond the Traffic Stop

Week 47- Traffic Safety/ Labor Day Driving

Week 46- Pet Guardianship

Week 45- You Drink, You Drive, You Loose

Week 44- Task Force Information (K-CAT)

Week 43- Parsons Police Department Social Media Response

Week 42- K-CAT Introduction/ Commander Powell

Week 41- Animal Control Recruitment

Week 40- Run, Hide, Fight, Response to Situations

Week 39- Summertime Crimes

Week 38- Summer Weather Watching

Week 37- Summer Travel Safety Tips

Week 36- AAIR Training for Active Shooters

Week 35-Recent Crime in Parsons

Week 34- Security Lights and Prowlers

Week 33- UTV / Bicycle Patrol Unit

Week 32- Training and Women's Self Defense

Week 31- Annual Report Crime Stats

Week 30- Stress and Animal Activity

Week 29- Dispatchers

Week 28- Defensive Tactics Training

Week 27- Storm Season and Being Prepared for Emergencies

Week 26- Crash Data from Annual Report

Week 25- Dispatching for Emergencies

Week 24- Narcotics Task Force and Police Response Times

Week 23- Annual Report Highlights

Week 22- Animals at Large

Week 21- Broken Windows Theory of Policing

Week 20- Chiefs Animal Advisory Board

Week 19- Annual Report

Week 18- Car Stops and Safety Seat Assistance

Week 17- STEP Patrol w/ Sgt. Ludwig

Week 16- Financial Scams on Elders

Week 15- Elder Abuse

Week-14-2019- Not a Victim

Week 13- Sexual Assault Response Team

Week 12- Helping You, Help Us

Week 11- Drug Take Back Program

Week 10- Rat on a Rat

Week 9- Holiday Donations/ Taskforce

Week 8- Holiday Home Safety Featuring Sheriff Eichinger

Week 7- Duke Mason Concert for Shop with a Cop

Week 6- Domestic Awareness

Week 5- Impaired Driving Patterns and Holiday Safe Driving

Week 4- Holiday Driving Tips

Week 3- Holiday Home Safety Tips

Week 2- See It, Hear It, Report It

Week 1- Rap Sheet Introduction/ Welcome Chief Robert Spinks