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Public Safety Center

The Parsons Police Department and Parsons Fire Department are partnering together to plan for a NEW PUBLIC SAFETY CENTER to provide all the community's emergency services in one building. With current structures dating back to 1938 a new center would bring the fire and police service together under one roof. A new building would provide the police department needed space and provide a safer work environment and larger evidence areas to meet our growing needs as the department continues to meet the demands of our citizens and community.

The City continues to work with the State's Congressional Delegation to locate potential federal funding to assist in the financing for this project. Our goal is to find $1 of outside funding for every local dollar that is invested.

The capital project is also an economic development project. By tying as many building supply purchases to our local vendors combined with construction staff contributing to local restaurants and motels, we estimate that every dollar invested in the construction will be turned over 4x's in our local economy. 

Having community support in this planning will be crucial to the development and design of the new Public Safety Center. Providing input for the community needs and wants for emergency services will assist the City in making the new center a success. Ideas include adding a public storm shelter in the new building and a training facility that can be used for the police departments Citizen's Academy and potential development of a Police and Fire Cadet Program.

The Fire Department headquarters building is probably the oldest operating fire facility in the State of Kansas. It no longer is adequate for modern fire apparatus. The living quarters are abysmal for the Firefighters. Both the fire and police departments suffer from structural damage caused by the 2000 tornado.

Working with SFS Architecture of Kansas City and Redstone of Bloomfield Hills (MI), a space needs assessment was conducted and that has now evolved into initial site design and concept drawings.

The community survey conducted in 2023, showed a 60% level of support by the community to support a final 1/2 cent Public Safety Sales Tax which would provide local match dollars with federal, state and philonthropic funding, as well as ensure a minimum of two (2) School Resource Officers in our schools, and continue funding a new Domestic Violence Program plus ensuring police and fire salaries kept pace with surrounding comparable cities.

Here is a copy of the Public Safety Center Justification Report that was provided to our congressional delegations.

Presentation 2023.12.06 Public Safety Center Justification.pdf