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Vacation / House Check Program

Vacation / House Check Program is a way for the citizens of Parsons to have their homes checked on while they are away or have their homes periodically looked in on if there had been suspicious activity in the area.

If you are on vacation and would like the police department to periodically check your house while you are away the process is simple. Call the police department at (620) 421-7060 and let the dispatcher know your name, address, contact information a list of people allowed on the property or caretakers (their contact information), and pets you may have that are being taken care of and your on vacation contact information (for emergencies). Officers will periodically drive-by and check on the house and property during their shift. This program provides a piece of mind to the citizens who may need more eyes on their property while away. Please keep in mind that this service does not take the place of having friends and neighbors take care of animals and look after your house, it is just another option for citizens.

The program also extends to citizens that are not on vacation, this is often called "Added Patrol". This allows citizens who suspect suspicious activity around their house. Officers will periodically drive-by the house and check out the area while doing their daily patrol duties. This offers a sense of security if you feel like you are being victimized by an unknown person(s).

These programs are not on a permanent basis. If you are on vacation for two weeks that is how long the patrol will last, if you are on the added patrol it is only for two weeks at a time. You must call and sign-up again after your time has expired.

These programs are in no way a substitution for calling 911 in case of an emergency. If you have been a victim of a crime, please call 911 or the administrative line at (620) 421-7060.