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Public Safety Advisory Board

Public Safety Advisory Board

Duties of the PSAB will include, but not be limited to, advising and making recommendations regarding issues concerning public safety and police/fire services within the community, such as:

  •     Provide general input on matters of public safety to enhance police-community relations.
  •     Benchmarking and Strategic Planning.
  •     Community perspective and recommendations concerning procedures, programs, use of technology, and the effectiveness of police and fire services.
  •     Promote public awareness of the community's police and fire services and programs including business and residential community safety, crime/fire prevention and general police/fire activities.
  •     Police and Fire Priorities.
  •     Recruiting and Retention.
  •     Facilities Planning.
  •     Racial Profiling Advisory Board.
  •     Review significant community issues and make recommendations regarding resolutions.
  •     Assist in community outreach efforts.
  •     Encourage individuals and community groups to assist the police and fire departments in the implementation of programs and services.
  •     Assist with the budget process through review, program evaluation and priority of recommendations.
  •     Liquor License Renewal Review.

Today it is critically important for public safety agencies to promote and cultivate citizen involvement with their agencies.

The PSAB also serves as the City's Citizen Advisory Board for Racial Profiling and Non-Biased Policing which advises and assists in policy development, education and community outreach and communications related to racial profiling and other non-biased policing efforts of the Parsons Police Department.

Police and Fire Departments have used citizen advisory boards for a host of topics from a specific outreach issue to providing feedback and input on strategic planning, operational concerns and facility planning as well as emergency fire and medical aid priorities.


Members - Members may be contacted through Charlotte Lamb at: clamb@parsonspd.com




Target a reflection of the community that includes the racial and ethnic makeup of the city. Representatives could include each of the four (4) Wards of the City; higher education, schools, medical, media, non-fits, legal, business and each of the four (4) Wards of the City,

Membership will involve staggered rotating terms of service.



Domestic Violence Outreach with the Community

  •     Illegal Drugs / Treatment
  •     Mental Health / Crisis Intervention
  •     Recruiting and Retention
  •     New Public Safety Center
  •     Community Survey
  •     Strategic Planning




2nd Friday of the Month @ Noon in the Parsons Police Training Room, 217 North Central, Parsons, KS.

As an advisory board the meetings are open by invitation or request to the Chief of Police. Agendas are maintained, but minutes are not taken at the meetings.


Members of the Public Safety Advisory Board

  • Earnest Morland -YCC
  • Shelly Davis YCC
  • Wayne Gilmore -KLKC Radio
  • Tom Davis-Tom Davis Auto
  • Teresa DeMeritt-Labette Health
  • Brian Williams-Labette Health
  • Susan Hill-USD 503
  • Lori Ray-USD 503
  • Eric Swanson USD 503
  • Ross Albertini-City
  • Angela Johnson-LB CA
  • Riley Cartwright-Pastor
  • Jennifer Dawson-Pastor
  • Doug Baty
  • Misti Mustain-LCMHS
  • Matt Atteberry-LCMHS
  • Becky Dantic Director Com Found.
  • Jason Sharp-LCC
  • Rod Landrum
  • Robert Spinks Chief PPD
  • Marty Mendicki
  • Lou Martino
  • Audrey Tullis
  • Brooke Powell - Executive Director, Safehouse Crisis Center
  • David Steward
  • Brad Boss Fire Chief