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Safe Exchange Zone

Safe Exchange Zone

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The Parsons Police Department offers the community a Safe Exchange Zone.  The Police Department's Lobby at 217 N Central Ave and two dedicated parking stalls are located on Crawford Avenue North of the Police Department building; each area is under 24-hr recorded video surveillance.

The Safe Zone idea was initially designed for safe child custody exchanges between co-parents and has evolved to include e-commerce transactions, e.g., Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.    

We encourage everyone to use the Safe Exchange Zone for custody exchanges and transactions. Overwhelmingly exchanges and transactions are trustworthy and well-intentioned citizens. We hope the Safe Exchange Zone assists in completing the community's exchanges and transactions without fear of violence or criminal activity.   


  1. The Safe Exchange Zone applies to legal transactions only.
  2. Making transactions on Police Property does not guarantee your safety.
  3. No reservations are required. The marked stalls are first come, first serve but know all Northside parking stalls are under recorded video surveillance. 
  4. For added visibility and security, the Police Department's Lobby is available.
  5. In case of an emergency dial 9-1-1.
  6. Non-emergencies, routine questions and requests for an officer to be present can be directed to (620)421-7060.
  7. Attending Officers typically will NOT involve themselves in the exchange/transaction. They do NOT broker transactions, confirm identities, or check items' authenticity or status. The Officers are only there to make sure you're safe.

Best Practices

  • Consider meeting only during daylight hours and a friend accompanying you.
  • Insist on meeting in a public space - like the Safe Exchange Zone.
  • Ensure you bring your cell phone if you have one.
  • Trust your instincts and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Ensure to ask for proof of the buyer's/seller's identity.
  • Consider using something other than check or cash; prearrange an electronic transfer, e.g. Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, etc. - and only transfer funds with the merchandise physically present, and the deal confirmed.
  • Sellers should look for counterfeit money or forged checks, while buyers should be wary of stolen, broken, or fake goods.
  • Don't make it evident if you carry cash before or after the transaction.
  • Beware common check scams, like checks higher than the deal amount and forged "cashier's checks" presented when the bank is closed.
  • If presented with a cashier's check, money order, or other equivalent, call the bank--at the number listed online, not a number the buyer provides to verify the check's validity.
  • Be wary of buyers/sellers unwilling to conduct business at a police station's Safe Exchange Zone.

Additional Information

For more information about Safe Exchange Zones read the following article.

For more information about personal safety online, check out these resources:


For additional information about Parsons Police Department's Safe Zone and to make recommendations please contact using   

Safe Zone Point of Contact is:

KLETC Graduation Photo Mark Raney


Officer Mark L. Raney, D.B.A.

COPPS Manager

217 N. Central Ave' Parsons, KS 67357

Office Phone: 620-421-7060