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Does the Parsons Police Department have a Neighborhood Watch Program?
In keeping up with the 21st century style of policing the Parsons Police Department has adopted an Online Neighborhood watch that is called This website is a form of social media outreach without the negative impact on community policing. has been endorsed by hundreds of Sheriff department and police agencies nationwide. The Parsons Police Department will post crime statistics and links to information along with all our press releases. The website also allows neighbors to interact with each other to give update on the happenings in the community and neighborhoods.

How do I report a crime?
Call (620) 421-7060 or 911 in case of an emergency. Officers will respond and provide you with an opportunity to give a detailed report. Future expansion will include a form of online reporting but that is not in effect yet.

How can I get a copy of a Police Report?
All records request goes through our evidence custodian Jason Bennett at (620) 421-7062 or faxed request at (620) 421-7081, Currently only in-person and fax request are accepted.

I have a piece of property that is being held as evidence, how do I get it back?
Request for property that is being held as evidence must be accompanied by a letter for the prosecuting attorney before it can be released. All other request for returned property goes through the evidence custodian call (620) 421-7062.

I have witnessed a crime but do not want to be involved with the case, can I report it anonymously"
If you witness a crime in progress, please call 911 immediately and provide information to the dispatcher. If you have information about criminal activity you can call our tip line at (620) 421-7057 or email us at you can also submit a crime tip at our website home page

Can I talk to the Chief of Police?
Conferences with the Chief of Police are by appointment and can be scheduled though Charlotte Lamb at (620) 421-7069.

How can I compliment or make a complaint about an officer?
Making a formal complaint on an officer or complimenting an officer can be done by filling out the Citizen Comment Form found in the lobby of the police department, down loaded from the departments website, by asking an officer for one, or getting one from the second floor at the Parsons Municipal Building.

What do I do if I have a concern about an animal problem?
Animal Control is handled through the Parsons Police Department and the Community Service Officer is the primary contact. The CSO and police officers can investigate cases of animal cruelty neglect or animals at large among many other issues. If you have questions or concerns, please contact dispatch at (620) 421-7060.

Who do I call if I found an animal that is lost?
You can call the Parsons Police Department at (620) 421-7060 and report a found animal or call one of the veterinarian clinics in town; Parsons Pet Hospital- (620) 421-1566, Allen Veterinary Center- (620) 421-1341. You can also call the Animal Shelter (Proud Animal Lovers or PALS) (620) 421-0445. There are also several Facebook groups dedicated to helping reunite lost animal to their homes.

Do I need to register my pet?

Yes, all pets that reside in the Parsons City Limits need to have up to date vaccinations and be registered with the city. You can get your pets registered in the Water Office on the first floor of the Parsons Municipal Building.

I call the police department to file a report and it took the officer a long time to respond to my call, why?
All requests for police services are assigned a priority, based on the type of call. Priority 1,2,3,4 with Priority 1 being a life threatening call. Calls with potential for injury or property damage and calls that are serious in nature or occurring at that time will be dispatched as soon as possible. Calls that are less urgent or are belated are considered less of a priority and may be held while officers handle emergencies. The day of the week and time of the call will also determine the length of wait as certain days of the week and hours of the day are busier than others.