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Annual Reports

The Parsons Police Department Annual Report is a comprehensive look at what your police department does throughout the year. This information is critical in informing citizens of the actions that are being taken by the police department and its staff. It is also showing trends and patterns in crime and city activity. This information helps police form and execute plans and courses of action in the future and shows where there can be and has been improvement. The Parsons Police Department publicly divulges this information to its citizens in an effort to be even more transparent. As always, the Parsons Police Department maintains a 'See It, Hear It, Report It' philosophy and asks it citizens to help our efforts to Stop the Crime.

pdf icon 2018 annual reportDownload the 2018 Annual Report here.

pdf icon 2019 annual reportDownload the 2019 Annual Report here.

PDF Icon for Annual ReportDownload the 2020 Annual Report here.