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Communications Division (Dispatch)

The Parsons Police Department dispatch center is a 24 / 7 / 365 PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), that is staffed by four full-time dispatchers and one dispatch supervisor. Dispatchers are often the first "first" responders and are almost always the first point of contact for any major emergency.

Our dispatch team has many duties such as; monitoring twenty-five cameras and six phone lines (three administrative and three NG911 'Next Generation 911' lines) as well as text to 911 and up to ten police, fire and EMS 800MHz radio channels at the same time. A single dispatcher will take caller information, prioritize calls, and dispatch officers in a 12-hour shift. All dispatchers are full access NCIC (National Crime Information Center) certified and dispatchers are responsible for running vehicle plates and person information, checking criminal history for police investigations, entering, and confirming warrants and running serial numbers to check for stolen items.

Parsons Dispatch also monitors severe weather and NWS (National Weather Service) alerts and sound storm sirens when tornado warnings are issued. Dispatch is also the coordinating point to open storm shelters and is responsible for conducting weekly testing on storm siren equipment for the city. Dispatch staff is responsible for conducting hourly checks of inmates in our holding facility, which consists of three cells with four total beds, a detox cell and a holding cell.

Parsons Dispatch is usually the first contact for the department when a citizen walks into the Police Department for assistance. They guide citizens to the help they need and officers to the needy and provide calming words to those who are in distress.

The Parsons Police Department Dispatch staff have specialized training for dispatching and the use of sensitive material, and they are always continuing to improve their training and skill set to better serve the people of Parsons, Kansas.

Communications Director Shields
Communications Director Marti Shields
(620) 421-7060
Fax (620) 421-7081