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City Ordinance Background Information

On Friday, July 3, 2020, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly enacted an Executive Order requiring all individuals in the State of Kansas to wear a mask over their face if they are going to be in a public place and cannot maintain a constant six-foot social distance from others. Each County had the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of this order. Labette County opted out of the order, but the County Commissioners recommend the wearing of a face covering during the pandemic. On July 6, 2020, the City of Parsons enacted a mandatory facial covering ordinance. Other cities across the state including Wichita have done the same. Most large store chains have also enacted face mask requirements to shop in their stores on a nationwide basis including:

Walmart          Walgreen's     Home Depot   King Cash Saver                    Costco

Starbucks       Office Depot               Kroger             Lowe's            Target . . . and many more.   

Nearly 40 states now require mask in public places.        

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By enacting our own city ordinance, the City of Parsons has taken a proactive step to help protect the health and safety of the community. This action, in combination with other common-sense approaches including social distancing and handwashing can reduce the growth of the COVID-19 virus in our community and help keep businesses open.

The entire ordinance is available on-line at:

The Parsons Police Department strongly encourages everyone to voluntarily comply with the City's common sense face mask ordinance, and requests that everybody wear a mask if they are going to be in a public place where they cannot maintain a six-foot distance from others. We would ask for everyone to please be considerate of your neighbors and fellow community members and recognize that some may be more susceptible to illnesses than others.

As always, our dispatchers are here 24/7 to answer the call when you need us. Please use our dispatch line responsibly to report crimes, critical incidents and emergencies.

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The Ordinance Requirements:

City Ordinance Requires the Wearing of a Facial Cover until the ordinance is rescinded. Here is what that generally means:

  •    Persons within 'public service areas' in all places of public accommodation are required to wear a face mask.
  •    Face masks must cover the nostrils and mouth.


Exceptions include:

  •    While eating or drinking at a restaurant.
  •    Settings with 10 or less persons in businesses and offices that do not serve the public and areas not open to the public, unless social distancing cannot be followed (then a mask would be required). Areas such as a workshop, mechanical area, or employee only area with less than 10 employees would not require mask wear.
  •    Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with a disabling condition preventing the wearing of a mask. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not a blanket exemption - a business merely has to make a reasonable accommodation. In a Supermarket, a facial mask is required, and a reasonable accommodation might include curbside delivery of a grocery order for a person claiming an ADA exemption.
  •    Masks may be removed in outdoor settings where social distancing is used.

Requirements for businesses:

  •    Posting of signs at all entrances indicating that employees, customers, and visitors to the establishment must wear face masks to be admitted to the business.
  •    Employees of a business of public accommodation are required to wear a mask including the owners in all areas of the business that are opened to the public.
  •    Businesses that fail to comply with the ordinance may receive warning letters, (both locally and also to corporate headquarters for chain stores and franchise businesses), along with enforcement action, if necessary.



Parsons Police Officers have the authority to stop, detain, warn, or cite persons solely for violating the City's Face Mask Ordinance which is a Class C misdemeanor. Therefore the Parsons Police Department will respond to complaints of people not wearing masks in public, on a time available basis, if there are other possible crimes occurring (disturbance, assault, trespassing), then the priority of the police response will increase accordingly. Business owners have the right to ask patrons to leave if they are not wearing a mask, and we will respond to issues that involve a possible disturbance or trespassing.

As a citizen you can file an on-line face mask complaint. You will have an option to request just a warning letter be sent to a business or an individual if you can identify the person, or you can request to sign a criminal complaint. This option will require you to cooperate in any investigation and to appear in Court to testify. To make an on-line report, you will need to identify who the violator was and provide additional information on-line. Your complaint will be reviewed by the City Prosecutor.


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