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Chaplain Program

Parsons Police Department Chaplain Program

The Chief of Police appoints the Parsons Police Department Chaplains on a volunteer basis to aid department personnel, provide spiritual guidance, pastoral counseling, comfort in times of crisis and facilitate communication between people in crisis and spiritual advisors. The Chaplains function in the Department as non-sworn staff members and fall under the authority of the Chief of Police.


Chaplains provide confidential support in several key areas of law enforcement and the Parsons community. These areas include but are not limited to officer wellness and support, spiritual support, and community-police engagement. Additionally, chaplains may provide counseling and referrals to mental health services or other faith leaders for officers in need of help and confidentiality.


  1. Be an ecclesiastical endorsed or ordained clergy. 
  2. Be willing and available to serve a community crisis in a 24 hr. on-call role
  3. Be willing to adhere to ICPC* Cannons of Ethics for Law Enforcement Chaplains.
  4. Be willing to engage and train department personnel 8 hrs. per quarter**
  5. Interview with the Department's Chaplain Liaison before application submission.
  6. Submit Volunteer Application through Chaplain Liaison.
  7. Submit and complete Department's background screening process.
  8. Complete the Department's 1-day orientation course
  9. Complete, within two years of acceptance, the ICPC Basic Credentialing Program.

*International Conference of Police Chaplain's Cannons of Ethics for Law Enforcement Chaplains.

** Chaplains may accomplish this requirement through participating in on-call crises, meetings, roll calls, training, and officer ride-along. 

For more information, schedule an interview, and apply contact:


Officer Mark L. Raney, DBA

Chaplain Liaison/Volunteer Coordinator

Email: mraney@parsonspd.com

Phone: (620) 421-7060

KLETC Graduation Photo Mark Raney