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Chaplain Program

The Parsons Police Department partners with several churches in the community to provide a Police Chaplain Program. These trained volunteer professionals provide support to crime victims and community members when they are in crisis. They also provide support to our policing staff.

The role of police chaplain can be a very demanding position as their services can be requested at all hours of the night, under all kinds of conditions. They are bound by the same ethics as law enforcement officers, especially when it comes to confidentiality, as well as by departmental policies.

As noted by the International Conference of Police Chaplains, the position and function of a police chaplain differs from that of a pastor. Their role is to serve, not preach - it is a ministry of presence. Police chaplains, just like military chaplains, must be able to deal with a variety of people with different faith backgrounds, as well as people without faith backgrounds. There is a difference between being a pastor and being a chaplain. A pastor takes an active role in people's faith life development, while a chaplain supports people where they are at that moment.

A police chaplain is considered a staff member of the Department. The Chaplain functions as a non-sworn staff assistant to the Chief of Police or his/her designee and comes under the authority of the Chief of Police.

Police chaplains serve in a wide variety of ways. They may be called upon to assist in death notifications, assist and support victims in times of crisis, respond to suicide incidents, and serve as part of a crisis response team. They visit sick or injured personnel, are a resource for counseling for members of the agency and their families, and serve as a liaison with other clergy in the community. They are called upon to deliver the invocation or benediction at public ceremonies as representatives of the police department. They also are on hand to serve inside the police department.

The Police Chaplain Program allows the Chaplains an opportunity to ride-along with officers on patrol and to interact with the community and department members.

Our partner is the Parsons Foursquare Church. Other area churches are available to be contacted in times of need as well.

Parsons Foursquare Church often provides other services to citizens in need at their own discretion through the police department such as food from their food pantry or temporary shelter for the night in desperate times.

We want to thank our partners for their help and support in 2020 and look forward to our growing partnership in 2021.

A special thank you to Pastor David Keaton from Parsons Foursquare Church. Your support enhances the Parsons Police Department's ability to respond in moments of community crisis.

We bid farewell to Pastor Steve Schultze as he retired from the Chaplin service at the end of 2020. Pastor Steve was instrumental to the core function of the Chaplin Program in Parsons and he will be missed by all. 


David Keaton
Pastor David Keaton